Antonio Romano
Entrepreneur, Mechanical Engineer, B.A. Economics

Founder, President - Financing, Acquisitions and Dispositions


A professional in Mechanical Engineering (1977) and bachelor in Economics (’80), Romano also holds an academic extension degree in Public Transportation (’86).

Antonio started as a Field Engineer at Ford Motor Company in Brazil (1977-80), leaving to pursue an entrepreneurial career. From 1980 to 1984, he worked as a business consultant for the Public Transportation industry as an appraiser, broker and fleet management expert, amassing considerable know-how and capital.

From 1984 to 1996, Romano acquired and disposed of several businesses, including twelve transportation companies. Among those companies which he owned and operated as sole proprietor in Brazil are:

• Viação Itú - City bus company in Itú, State of São Paulo (SP), with 260 employees which carried 1.6 million pax/mo.
• Empresa Guaratuba - Intercity and interstate public transporter reaching 6.310 pax-kilometer (±3.910 pax-mile)
• Viação Esplanada - Charter buses, with 150 motor coaches in the City of São Paulo and 700 scheduled daily routes.
• Locarauto Rent-A-Car – The 4th largest vehicle rental company in the Country, with 28 branches including 18 airports, either corporate operated or franchised.
• Saturno Chocolate Factory – The second oldest traditional chocolate manufacturer in Brazil, with 280 employees and a 20,000 sq. ft. factory in Blumenau, Santa Catarina State.


Antonio Romano’s know-how in freight operations was acquired as the owner of Distribuidora Pentágono Ltda., a distribution company with sales in excess of $12 million /year over his administration.

In the late 90’s Antonio was invited to acquire TRANSBRASIL Airlines with a 26 airplane fleet, including two 767’s which operated the Orlando-São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro route. In the early 90’s, he had already received an offer from the Uruguayan government to purchase PLUNA SPA, the international airline connecting Uruguay to Argentina, Brazil and Europe. Another potential deal included CATA, a domestic Argentinean airline.

Antonio Romano, now an American citizen, first moved to the Unites States in 1996. In Florida he opened and operated a few small businesses, including Native (passenger) Transportation Company. In 2000 he was hired as the owner’s local representative and property director of Sandy Lake Towers, a $30 million / 460,000 sq. ft. hotel development on Carrier Drive & Universal Boulevard near International Drive.

After two years working as a business and real estate development consultant, the multi-talented entrepreneur acquired his Realtor license in 2005 and has been creating business opportunities and directing commercial real estate developments since then.

Romano lives in Orlando with his wife, close to his three kids and two grandchildren.
His hobbies include playing tennis, going to the beach and traveling to Europe. Since 2012 he has been contributing with the Brazilian community newspaper Nossa Gente. Check out his articles on real estate and inverstments here.



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